220126The Indonesian Center for Agricultural Land Resources Research and Development (ICALRRD) organized a virtual seminar on the progress of collaborative research results granted by ACIAR (the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research) to the partner institutions in Indonesia (ICALRRD, UGM University, IPB University, IVEGRI, and ICATAD). The seminar was conducted on 26 January 2022. The theme of research collaboration is Nutrient Management and Plant Health in Shallot, Chili, And Rice Cropping Systems In Indonesia. Dr. Stephen Harper (ACIAR), Dr. Husnain (Director ICALRRD), Prof. Sri Hendrastuti Hidayat (IPB), Prof. Siti Subandiyah (UGM), Dr. Witono (IVEGRI), and Dr. Arlyna Budi Pastika (AIAT of Yogyakarta) and team members participated in this one-day seminar. Prof Fahmuddin Agus and Dr. Prama Yufdy, senior researchers from IAARD, acted as panelists/discussants.

On the opening remarks, Dr. Husnain appreciated the research collaboration, and it would be great if ICALRRD and ACIAR can have another collaboration in the future. Meanwhile, Dr. Stephen Harper gave highest appreciation on the progress of sharing research activity results. Furthermore, Stephen mentioned that, nowadays, Indonesia is known well as a high reputation research in soil and land resources as well as the research skill compared to the decades ago. Dr. Edi Husen, ICALRRD-ACIAR Research Coordinator, said that the one-day seminar is not only to review the progress of research results, but also to get any feedback for next research activities.

The seminar itself divided into four sessions with nine sub-themes. In every session, there were some comments and suggestions from the panelists to improve and enrich the substance. In the first session, there were three sub-themes. The first sub-theme is long term Monitoring Nitrogen Fluxes and Potassium Balance in Costal Shallot – Chili – Rice System presented by Dr. Ibrahim Adami Sipahutar, the 2nd is Nitrogen Loss Through NH3 Volatilization and N2O Emission from Raised Bed of Shallot Cultivation conferred by Dr. Setiari Marwanto, and the 3rd is Sampling and Measuring Leachates in Soils Using Ion-Exchange Resins talked by Dr. Linca Anggria.

The seminar continues with the second session which were contains two sub themes. The first sub-theme was Assess Nitrogen and Phosphorous Response on Shallot Crops presented by Dr. Edi Husen and the second sub-theme is Benchmarking Practice Change – A Baseline Survey of the Use of Fertilization on Shallot Farming in Brebes Regency, Central Java talked by Dr. Irawan.

The third session consists of two sub themes i.e., Mitigate the Impact of Soil Pathogens and Improve Soil Biology in Coastal Vegetable Production as the first sub-theme that presented by Prof. Siti Subandiyah and 2 team members. The second sub-theme is The Management of Pepper Yellow Leaf Curl Virus (PYLCV) Diseases presented by Prof. Sri Hendrastuti Hidayat.

The last session of this seminar deal with pesticides application in the vegetable and agronomic practices. The first sub-theme is Strategies to Reduce Excessive Pesticide Use and Improve Control Efficacy in Vegetable Systems which consists of two activities: (i) Assessing Farmer’s Pest/Disease Control Methods and Behavioral Aspects of Pesticide-Use, and (ii) Evaluation of Softer Option Approaches for Shallot Pest Controls that presented by Dr. Witono Adiyoga and Team. The second sub-theme is The Impact of Improved Agronomic Practices on Shallot Productivity and Seed Production that presented by Dr. Arlyna Budi Pastika.

In the closing remark, Dr. Asmarhansyah, on behalf of ICALRRD, gave appreciation to all participants and stated that the feedbacks, comments, and suggestion from the panelist and other participants will be an important note to improve the results and answer the objective and goal of the research project.

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